Saturday, 12 April 2014

Easter Reading

Regular readers  will know that I usually head of ft to he sun every three or four months for some family time and some time to think. This gives me the space to consider new ideas and strategies and not be disturbed by the issues of day to day business.

On this trip I'm in Cyprus which has become a regular favourite.

When I'm away I read, which is one of my greatest pleasures. Between breaks I spend time scouring the book stores for business stories  and biographies. There can't be many I havnt read and it gets harder every trip.

On this trip I am reading the Amazon story. This is not the usual overnight technology business success story. Jeff Bezos is a clever visionary but it has taken him 20 years of hard work to get the business to where it is. He is clearly an aggressive leader and is more Generation X than Generation Y.

Also on the list is Coming up Roses which is the Kath Kitson story. I'm always interested to hear about women in business as there just aren't enough.

There are a few others on the list which  are a little more obscure!

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