Monday, 14 November 2011

Some Good Advice

A few weeks ago the time had come for me to invest in some new work shoes. Doing the typical man thing on Saturday morning I called into my local shoe shop, tried on a pair which fitted and bought them.

On the Monday morning I threw on my new shoes and headed for my first meeting in Hull with one of my colleagues. After our meeting in Hull we headed to Leeds where I was dropped off in the centre of town.

It was a rainy Monday in Leeds that day and as I stepped out of the car it was like walking on sheet ice. My new shiny shoes had a lovely polished finish on the soles making them look particularly shiny in the shop. After about ten yards of trying to stay upright my efforts failed and when putting my foot on some cobbles I did a banana skin slip and ended up landing on my elbow with a direct hit.

What followed was somewhat gruesome and it is probably not appropriate to go into details but suffice to say this was not going to be fixed with an elastoplast.

I ended up in hospital for five days after a 4 hour operation. The metal work in my arm would be worth a considerable amount in scrap.

After I got out of hospital I thought I would call in at the shoe shop where I was greeted by the usual ‘what happened to you’. I was not looking to blame anyone as I wholeheartedly believe this was my fault however I was keen to ensure that such an oversight could be prevented in the future.

We checked the manufacturers information and the packaging and nowhere did it suggest that soles needed to be rubbed before worn. It seems obvious but there are so many things on your mind such a simple thing is easily overlooked. The overlooking of this small matter has had a huge impact on both me and my family along with everyone I work with.

This accident has really knocked me for six and has taken me some time to recover. Not only did I damage my elbow at the same time I damaged my hip and knee which seem to be taking longer to repair.

On a positive note I have had confirmation from the shoe manufacturer that they are now going to include a warning with all shoes that leather soles should be rubbed down in advance to minimise the chance of this happening again.

Make sure if you buy leather soled shoes you do the same!