Saturday, 12 April 2014

Easter Reading

Regular readers  will know that I usually head of ft to he sun every three or four months for some family time and some time to think. This gives me the space to consider new ideas and strategies and not be disturbed by the issues of day to day business.

On this trip I'm in Cyprus which has become a regular favourite.

When I'm away I read, which is one of my greatest pleasures. Between breaks I spend time scouring the book stores for business stories  and biographies. There can't be many I havnt read and it gets harder every trip.

On this trip I am reading the Amazon story. This is not the usual overnight technology business success story. Jeff Bezos is a clever visionary but it has taken him 20 years of hard work to get the business to where it is. He is clearly an aggressive leader and is more Generation X than Generation Y.

Also on the list is Coming up Roses which is the Kath Kitson story. I'm always interested to hear about women in business as there just aren't enough.

There are a few others on the list which  are a little more obscure!

We are Space Group.

This month we re aligned our websites and updated some of the branding of individual businesses across Space Group. This has been a gradual process to reflect the ever evolving nature of the construction industry.

We are clear about our purpose as a business; To make the world better. 

Our culture is built around our people and we have reflected this in the statement We are Space Group.

Our group message is Rethink your world. This reflects the ethos of the business which has evolved in recent years. We do not accept the status quo and challenge the norm. The word rethink is upside down to represent how we like to turn things upside down and back to front before making a decision.

As well as innovation we focus on technology and sustainability. We are not a technology business but a business which uses technology to deliver improved value to our clients and customers. We believe sustainability is an obligation on us all for future generations. The construction industry in notoriously wasteful so we want to lead by example and  reduce the resources we use every day.

The Space Group journey is an ongoing one and is in its sixth decade of the story. The business started as Waring and Netts Partnership in 1957 as an architectural practice. Located in the Gosforth suburb of Newcastle, the practice grew steadily over the following decades. 

The Partnership was an adopter of construction technology with a six figure investment in a GIS system in 1970s . Unfortunately it wasn't possible to generate the value from the technology and the hardware was ultimately thrown in a skip. 

This ultimately meant the business was scheptical of the emergence of CAD in the 1980s meaning they were a late adopter.

In 2000 a new software platform called Revit appeared in the UK and by 2005 the first building had been produced by Space using the software and by 2010 the whole group was working in 3D.

In 2003 the partnership incorporated to become Waring and Netts Limited. The business had started to diversify from just architecture into interiors, building surveying and construction management.

In 2007 after 50 years as Waring and Netts the business re named itself to Space Group and moved to a new 35,000 sq ft headquarters in Newcastle supporting its 4 regional,offices. The renaming of the group reflected the greater diversity of the business and allowed flexibility in the future.

From 2007 to today the group has continued to evolve and respond to a changing marketplace. In 2008 the global recession effected the construction market particularly badly. The business focused on its key values as it looked to secure the long term sustainably of the group.

Today the space way is at the core of the group and all of our businesses have a single purpose to make the world better.

Pas referred to above we h  ethos which is focussed on innovation, technology and sustainably. We want to lead in these three areas so we can differ existed ourselves in the marketplace.

Whilst initially Waring and Netts Partnership was an architectural practice focussed in the design aspects of the construction process we now believe to achive the best value for our clients we must have a total view of the project Lifecycle.

We developed BIG BIM in 2010 which provides a 4 stage framework for us to build the group upon. 

Space architects are regional architects with offices across the north if England. They are focussed on delivering the best results for clients to suit their needs.

BIM technologies provide BIM services with BIMstore being the leading website for BIM content in the UK. We also operate campus which is focussed in improving technology skills and 
knowledge across the construction industry. 

Our volula business designs building which can maximise performance and value through a joined up design,procurement and delivery approach.

Through we operate and BIm show live to share ideas across the industry.

In 1957 Waring and Netts was an architectural practice. Today Space Group is a Building information Business. Only by developing and learning from this information will we able to make the world better.

We are Space Group.

Rethink your world.