Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Ultimate Multi-Tasking

Running Man (life123.com)

For this blog entry I am trying out the ultimate in multi-tasking. I am finding that I have less and less time for exercise as I travel around the regions of the UK. I spend the week eating sandwiches and the weekends partaking in too much alcohol and nice meals. All of this is helping me to grow to be twice the man I have ever been before.

It is difficult to survive on salads day in and day out and it is not a delicacy which cross-country trains are renowned for. I am therefore rekindling my efforts in the gym.

My Christmas present last year was a running machine, bike and rowing machine which have had very little impact on my well-being.

It has become apparent, however, that owning these devices is not sufficient to aid your health. After several false starts I am really going to make the effort to use them at least for one week!

I do find the gym incredible boring so I am seeing if it is possible to multi-task. I am currently dictating this as I walk at 3.5 miles per hour on programme 1.

I have not fallen off the treadmill as yet and I will keep you updated as the weight falls off over the weeks ahead.

Friday, 6 November 2009