Monday, 30 April 2012

Exporting our Future

A few things have happened over the past few weeks which have made me look at the impact of this recession differently.

I have been to the Middle East several times recently and had quite a few discussions with young people from within the construction industry.  At the end of last year a close friend of the family emigrated to Perth, Australia.  At the beginning of this year a friend who I had worked with throughout the BSF programme emigrated with his whole family to Canada.

When in the Middle East, I have met so many people who have moved from the UK to make a new life.

Only last week one of our young architects in our Newcastle office decided to emigrate to Canada where they are crying out for young professionals.

My concern is not the short term, but more the long term impact this will have on UK PLC.  Lots of our brightest talent is leaving the country.  In the future we will pay the price for this.

Whilst in the short term, it is great there is a market for our skills but once they are gone they are gone.

Much of the historic success of our country has been built on our engineering and construction skill. Once it has been exported it is difficult to get it back.

Our government needs to make staying in the UK attractive to our young people and must give them exciting and creative opportunities if we are going to be a respected knowledge base across the world.

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  1. I've noticed a similar problem. Contractors want drafters that understand the construction process, but they don't want to train them.

    This is good for us who are already employed - because it pushes our wages up, but I appear to be alone in my concern that I am the youngest drafter in my office and I am 38!

    The fact is that good drafters come up off the tools, but if companies aren't employing apprentices then there is no-one to replace the tradesmen.

    I'm not sure if this is a Government problem or an industry problem but it seems like we are just saving up trouble for the future.