Wednesday, 16 June 2010

iPad - My Verdict

Steve Jobs unveils his new iPad - but will it be a PC killer?

It’s nearly two weeks now since I walked out of the Apple Store with my new iPad, and when it comes to Apple’s latest baby, I find that most people fall into two categories:

1. Those who are Apple geeks, and therefore, love the iPad.

2. Those who think the iPad is a waste of money.

I have carried out a very scientific research project to understand where the truth lies. As _space have a reputation of ‘thinking differently’ and wanting to set the pace, I wanted to get my hands on an iPad to see what all the fuss was all about and to see whether it held any opportunities for our business.

I have been an iPhone user for some time and have become dependant upon several apps such as the grail and the digital clock.

Many people do say that the iPad is just a big iPhone. They are totally correct, however, I think this is the whole point of the device. With the iPhone, I found myself watching presentations or movies on the screen the size of a cigarette packet. Transporting this experience to the iPad is wonderful and makes surfing and watching video so much easier. I now take my iPad everywhere and find it convenient to quickly get access to websites and other information.

The iBook Store is really good and I have already finished my first book on it. I can see huge benefits, particularly on holiday where you end up using half your baggage allowance because of all of the books you have to trail with you. I have also subscribed to the new Times app as well as FT online. Both of these are fantastic and easy to operate. In due course, all magazines will go this way, creating a completely new industry.

I have been trying to get rid of my laptop, however as yet there are things which the iPad cannot do, so at the moment I am carrying two devices, which defeats the purpose of the iPad. Only time will tell if Apple’s newest creation can replace the PC, but at the moment I don’t think it is able to.

Many of the things it does do, such as being a book reader or a film viewer, laptops do not do as well, or with as much flair.

I think the iPad will only get better as more apps are developed and more publications are available.


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  1. Played with an iPad at the weekend. It was a cool toy, multi tasking, no flash (why oh why is this such an issue for Apple?) and for me probably the most confusing omission of all is no camera - eh? Does anyone in the real world understand why Apple felt a camera for this device was unnecessary? If it had one I think it would be an amazing device for communicating using VOIP services like Skype. Without it...well I think I'll wait an see what happens, particularly as I suspect the addition of a camera will be amongst the first upgrades that Apple introduces.

    Personally, though, before making any final decision on a tablet, it'll be interesting to compare the iPad with the new HP Slate; which (if it works) could offer the functionality and integration with my PC based office that I'm really looking for - if it does then the days of the laptop will be numbered and I'll be in the queue waving mine goodbye!