Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sir Bobby

Sir Bobby Robson / The FA

Monday saw the memorial service for Sir Bobby Robson at Durham Cathedral. The attendance and warmth shown by everyone at both the Cathedral and St James Park was an unbelievable testament to what people thought about this man.

He has always been someone who I have admired and who has provided me with some of my best memories in football. Italia 90 was possibly the highlight for me however he also managed to get Newcastle United on track.

I have never heard anyone say anything bad about Sir Bobby. I did not know him personally, but saw him at several events over the years and he was always very humble and friendly.

How he spent the last few years of his life was an inspiration – raising thousands of pounds for good causes for the North East.

Sir Bobby died without anyone having a bad word to say about him and most successful man I have ever seen.

One of his childhood friends spoke at the service and said he had never changed despite his international success.

He may not have had the big house or the yacht, yet so many people felt so much for him and he left such a legacy it is a great lesson for all of us. It gives us all something to strive for while on this planet.

I think we need to campaign for a statue in the centre of Newcastle to act as inspiration for us all at so many levels not just football.

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